The Empty Nest Saga

By: Eve Morgan


Eve Morgan

Here I am, where many of you have been; The Empty Nest.

While this is a personal account of “The Leaving”, my hope is you’ll get some comfort & insight from this.

For years, it was a dream; the day when your tots, toddlers & teens were out of the nest, forging a new life on their own.

But then reality set in; if they are old enough to do that, then I’m THAT old! What’s more, is as much as I looked forward to  no more diapers, homework help & taxi service to & from extra-curriculars, no one could prepare me for this happy loss. They are old enough that they don’t need Mama or Dad everyday.

Getting used to a party of two has been a challenge.

Learning how to cutdown cooking from 5 to 2; consciously making the effort to not over shop for the weekly groceries. Also having to split the chores among two people instead of sharing the load with 5 family members. Adjusting to a smaller family games night. I miss the chaos, spirit and volume of those nights.

I miss family days where we chose to just be together without anyone from the outside world. I feel blessed & I cherish the memories of those days.

It has been an adjustment and we’re still in the throes of it.  I’m also proud that my partner & I realize this is a journey that can’t be treated like a light switch. I am so proud for them to call me Mom. I continue to pray for them  through the day, everyday.  What happens in my 3 kids day to day lives is now beyond my control and it’s a hard pill to swallow.

So yes, I countdown the days to Christmas, Thanksgiving and Summer vacation, when we are all together again.

If you have some “Empty Nest” advice, please share it with me: or I might just share your thoughts on the next blog.



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