A Simple Gift Card

By: Eve Morgan


Eve Morgan

A lady came in to the station today to pick up a prize; she was a little emotional and said her winning this prize made her week. Her Mom had just passed away and she was fighting  the internal gravity of it.

So we chatted; I shared how I recently lost my Mom, Daphne, and how the road of grief is far from simple, short or definitive.

She could not hold back her tears and neither could I. Losing my Mother has had a profound effect on me. There are days when I feel ready to face the day & others where I just want to crawl back to bed and stay under the covers.

Greif is a powerful thing, beyond our control; it deserves respect, time and honesty. I learned very early in my grief for Mom, that if I didn’t take the time to grieve, my mind & body would force me to. The release of anxiety from when, where & how it was going to happen, threw my body & mind into chaos.

Here’s the good news; I have more good & great days than bad now; it’s been 6 and a half months.

I miss our visits every day and that will never change.

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