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Season 6 – The Crown

By: Carrie Buchanan


Where are my fellow Crown fans at?  Season 6 of The Crown gets released Thursday on Netflix.  This one will deal with the death of Princess Diana and I’m not sure my heart is ready to say goodbye again.

This latest and final season will be released in two parts.  The first four episodes will be released on Thursday and the last four will be released December 14th.

The first half deals with the tragic death of Lady Diana.  Queen of Hearts.  And the aftermath of such a historic event.

I will need to watch this alone so I can get a good cry in as I watch.  Anyone who knows me knows I love the Royals.  Diana’s death was tragic and it has left so many of us broken hearted to this day.  Those of us who watched the fairytale wedding at the crack of dawn so many years ago and followed along as she was cheated on, betrayed, left to fend for herself to seeing her begin a new life.  Rise above it all and see her own success.  Diana before she died had just found love again after going through such a public divorce.   She was really coming into her own.   The world was cheering her on.  Happy to see her happy.  Then tragedy struck.  So unbelievable.  I still remember the day.  I remember where I was when I heard the news.

The Crown has been interesting to watch from the very first episode.  Providing a new insight into royal life.  A history lesson combined with a flare of drama for the ratings.

I discovered a new perspective on royal life.  The struggles of what it means.  The negative impacts it has on those in it.  Even if the Crown is meant for entertainment and nothing more, it’s been fascinating to watch.  The cast has been incredible throughout every season.  Depicting each member with amazing accuracy.

But this first half of season six will be hard to watch for us Diana lovers.

And as much as I enjoy it, I often think of William and Harry and wonder how hard this must be for them.  It’s hard enough losing someone so important in your life, but to see it on the screen as entertainment must be incredibly rough.  As someone who lost her mom in a car accident at a young age, I have always felt a connection to Diana’s boys.  It’s been so nice to watch them grow up.

the Crown – Season 6 – Hollywood Reporter

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