UFO’s, Aliens And Oreos?

By: Carrie Buchanan


Carrie Buchanan

I like to twist mine apart.  Sometimes I dunk them in milk.  Sometimes I just eat them.

But maybe, we’re about to find out if aliens are out there and if and how they might eat an Oreo.

On June 27, the United States government is set to disclose information about ‘advanced aeriel threats’.   UFO”s.  Aliens.  Are they real?  Has the government been covering it up?  Are they friendly?  Do they like Oreos? So many questions.  Much anticipation.  Oreo has stepped up to celebrate the big day with a new “offering”.

And it’s real.  Not a tabloid headline.  This is REAL news.  June 27, the US Senate Select Committee on Intelligence is set to declassify this potentially Earth-shattering information about some of the unknowns within our universe.

Oreo says it “is sending a sign of peace and unity to any extraterrestrials out there with a playful offering of earth’s No. 1 cookie.”

It started earlier this week with a poll on Twitter asking fans to pick which cookie to share with the aliens.  With it a chance to receive a limited-edition “Offering” package of Oreo cookies for free.  The packaging says “Place Oreo cookie within center of the pack within clear view of the sky to create your own #OREOOffering.

Olympia Portale, senior brand manager, Orea Equity in a statement said, “With The Oreo Offering, we are ready to greet any lifeforms that might be out there. We’ve also created specially designed packs of Oreo cookies so our earthling fans can extend the olive branch to extraterrestrials at home too.”

Do you believe?

I believe I’ll be eating the cookies.  (smile)

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