The View From Here – Have We All Just Stopped Trying?

By: Carrie Buchanan


Carrie Buchanan

Parents.  I need you.   I need you to tell me that I’m not alone in my struggles right now.   I know I can’t complain about working from home when my kids are teenagers.  They’re like cats.  Self-sufficient.   (smile)

But at this point in the school year, interest in school is fading quickly.  What’s a parent to do?  You want to encourage them to keep going.  Finish the year strong.  Show up. Do the work.  You also know it’s been one heck of a year for our kids and they are as done with this pandemic as we are.   You want to push them and give them a break at the same time.

It’s exhausting and it’s frustrating and today I just hit a wall.

Both my kids managed to miss attendance this morning so I dealt with two back to back calls from the school.  To be honest, my first reaction is almost always “In MY DAY….”  (smile) “There’s no way my parents would have let me miss a minute of school.”  Instead, I left it alone.  Walked away.   Took a deep breath.   And maybe had a moment alone and shed a few tears of frustration.

We want the best for our kids.  We want to help them and encourage them to do their best.   But what does that mean right now?   A school year that started with hope and ambition, studying and getting work done is now about begging and pleading for them to at least get out of bed.

It’s too much.  It’s gone on too long and we are all tired of living life on-line.  Teachers, students and parents.

How do we keep going?  How do we not give up?

My oldest daughter is at the end of her high school career.  She needs these credits to earn her diploma and graduate so she can go onto to college in September.  Fingers and toes crossed it will actually be IN PERSON learning by then.

How do we do it?  How do we keep our kids paying attention and focused and actually get them out of bed?  We talked about this in our last Fox Talks Podcast.  Languishing.  We’re all feeling that lack of motivation.

How can we fault our kids when we feel it too?

Teachers, you have been incredible in changing to online learning.  Trying to keep our kids engaged and interested.  I’ve been inspired by you and your creativity.

To all the parents struggling today – I’m sending you a big virtual hug of encouragement and reminding you, you are NOT alone and I’m asking you to send me one back.  Because this mama needs it today.

And for all those kids missing their big grad ceremonies – don’t forget to send pictures in for our online Graduate Yearbook Page .  It’s been a year.  You worked hard.  You did it.  You’re amazing. We think you’re pretty cool.  Don’t give up on the school year.  Don’t stop doing the work.  It’s hard to believe it now, but someday down the road, when you’re old like me (smile) you’ll be thankful for what this year taught you.  So keep showing up. Preferably on-time so you don’t stress your parents out. (smile).   Be good to your teachers.   They’re doing their best.  And remember your parents just want you to try your best.  And we’re struggling too.  Especially with that “new” math.  (smile)

Seriously.  Don’t even ask us.   We don’t understand.


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