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The View From Here – Have You Seen My Phone?

By: Carrie Buchanan


Carrie Buchanan

Thankfully I have a Fitbit that notifies me when I have a call or I would have totally missed this morning’s podcast recording.  Eve, Sarah and myself get together every Monday for a new Fox Talks podcast recording.   Usually we start with a Google Meet.  But today I couldn’t find my phone.

We did our chat which you can listen to HERE and before I could go back to work, I had to search for my phone.

I work at home and I have not left the house since I first used my phone early this morning – so I knew it HAD to be in my house.  Somewhere.

I did the detective work.  I retraced my steps.   Nothing.  Nowhere in my house was there a phone.  I looked under couch cushions.  I searched a garbage I had just emptied.  I know – disgusting.

I was actually starting to panic.    Where could it possibly be and how can I NOT REMEMBER where I left it?

I searched cupboards, the fridge and the laundry room.  Yup, even the washing machine.

I looked under pillows and blankets on my bed, getting more flustered by the minute.  Then my mind started racing and making things up.  Did someone sneak into my house and steal my phone?  Am I being punked by the ghosts my daughter insists we have in the house?

It was embarrassing to witness me searching every cupboard, underneath every table and piece of furniture.  My makeup table.  The bathroom vanity. Opening doors, crawling on my hands and knees, desperate to find this device, that to be honest, I don’t even NEED for my workday.

My kids finally woke up to find me frantically searching, laughing at how I couldn’t find my phone, which didn’t help much in the moment.

I went back and forth all over the house.   And then – the Oprah “A-HA” moment as I went to leave my bedroom for the fourth time, and saw the bathrobe hanging on the back of my door.   That voice of reason in my head whispered “check the pockets”.   And there it was.   I was reunited with my phone and all was right with the world again.

Have you ever lost something like that?   Where is the strangest place you’ve ever found something you lost?

I’m just going to sit here for a minute and wait for my pulse to stop racing over something I wish didn’t matter so much.

Stay connected and reach out to me anytime – cbuchanan@blackburnadio.com

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