The View From Here – A Long Weekend And Hopefully Lots Of Chocolate

By: Carrie Buchanan


Carrie Buchanan

I know there’s nowhere to go.  Nothing to pack.  No travel plans.  But, it’s still a long weekend and I cannot wait to take advantage of every minute NOT working and hopefully indulging in a whole lot of chocolate.  Yes, Easter Bunny, I am talking to you and dropping some big hints.  My house is ready for you to pay us a visit.   This girl needs some chocolate.   I won’t even be picky this year.  You can bring me anything except those peeps things.  How about those malted eggs.  Yum.  Chocolate foil eggs.  A big chocolate bunny. Maybe one with those rice crisps.  One of those Cadbury eggs.  Yes please.   Anybody else remember when they were still covered in foil, and sometimes a piece of that got stuck to the creamy center and if you had a filling you sure knew if you got a piece of foil.  (shivers).   So please, Mr. Bunny.   Help a girl out.

I’ll even clean up a little.  Which is something I have been avoiding a lot lately.

Don’t judge.

It’s hard to keep a house clean when nobody ever leaves.  I used to love those days I’d have the house to myself and I could turn up the radio, and just go nuts cleaning the house.   It’s one of my favourite things to do.  Some say cleaning is like therapy, and I understand why.   It’s a way of feeling in control over something especially when we have so little control over life right now.

Yes, I miss my family.  The idea of another month without seeing my dad makes me so sad.  So please Easter Bunny – some chocolate is needed.   And maybe some bubbles and sidewalk chalk.  Not for my kids.  But for me.  Because it reminds me of childhood.  And those simple days.   When we were kids and didn’t worry about the world.

I remember waking up on Easter Sunday and running to the kitchen to see what surprise awaited me from that busy little bunny.   One year was a big stuffed rabbit.  I was so excited.  The egg hunt was always a lot of fun and my parents did that for us no matter how old we got.

It’s been a challenge to prepare for the Easter Bunny as my kids got older.  And stayed up longer.   But at least now they sleep much later, so the bunny can take his sweet time hiding those eggs in our house.  And no matter what, we are always finding at least one lost Easter egg months later.  Which reminds me of something one of my former co-workers did one Easter. It’s fitting to share since today happens to be April Fool’s Day.  One Easter,  we were happy to find chocolate easter eggs hidden all over the radio station.  Like children, we turned everything upside down.  Looking in every cupboard, corner and desktop.   Racing each other to find the most eggs.

Weeks later, we were still finding Easter eggs.  But they were in the same spot we already found them.   Which was confusing.  And made us think we were wrong about finding them there in the first place.  We were “re-discovering” Easter Eggs for weeks, if not months, after.  Until said co-worker finally fessed up.

I know this year is not the same and it’s sure not what we expected or were hoping for.

I hope you find a way to make the weekend special if you celebrate the Easter holiday.   So many churches offering online services.  I love this story of a woman that has been wearing her Sunday best for every online service through the pandemic.  She is 82 years old and her selfies that she shares after every service are legendary.   Since March 29, 2020, she has taken photos of herself from her living room in 53 different color-coordinated outfits.  The clothes, the jewelry and those beautiful big hats.  She was already known for the outfits she wore every Sunday, and when the pandemic hit, she decided to up her game.  I’ll think of her as I show up in my Sunday sweats.  (smile)

Do something that makes you smile.   Eat the chocolate.   Do a Zoom call with friends and family.   Dress up.   Blow bubbles or scribble some sidewalk chalk.  Fly a kite with the kids.

Read a book.  Take a long hot bath.  Write someone a letter.  Phone someone you haven’t talked to in a long time.

I’m planning some time in my scrapbook room.  Working on updating albums.  Organizing.  Again.

Hopefully we have some good weather for an adventure walk somewhere.

Make time for you and focus on what makes you smile.

Happy Easter.

Thank you for reading and for sharing.

Stay safe.  Stay well.   Stay connected by sending me an email –


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