The View From Here – Take A Break If You Need To

By: Carrie Buchanan


Carrie Buchanan

Like Britney Spears sang once “Oops, I did it again.”  I am giving up social media.  GASP.

Not that I think she was singing about giving up social media, but that’s what I did.  Not really an oops.  It was absolutely intentional.  I deactivated my social media accounts and I feel like I can breath again.

It was getting to be too much.  Too much anger and frustration pouring out in the posts and comments.  I don’t know about you, but I think I absorb it.  I take in the energy being poured out.  And it was getting to be too much for me.

And that online clean up has turned into much more.

I took time to pretty up my phone screen and organize my apps.  Not without help from my 17-year old.   This colour co-ordinating clean up trend is taking over right now.  Even the girls who bring you the Colour Edit and the Happy Planner are doing it.  I have to say, I like it a lot more.  It’s “pretty” now.  (smile)

I don’t embrace technology really well.  I honestly don’t love apps and I don’t use my phone for much.  But I love using the widgets for motivational quotes and pictures, and I got to do it because I wasn’t spending all my free time mindlessly scrolling Facebook or Instagram.

I don’t know if you’ve ever taken a break – but boy oh boy do you realize just how much time you spend on it when you’re not doing it.

I actually picked up a book for the first time in a long time and I don’t feel nearly as upset, stressed out or angry at the world now that I’m not feeding my body all that negative stuff.

It’s not to say there isn’t a place for it.  Because I do love connecting with people and seeing friends and family and being able to stay in touch.

But I think we all have to have boundaries with social media and know when to walk away and take a break.  I read today about a new study that says the more we use our smartphones, the more impulsive we are.  Adding to the research already out there that says  “excessive screen time has negative impacts.  Smartphone use can make headaches worse, can disrupt sleep patterns and can negatively impact mental health.”

Yep.  It’s not easy.  I realize I was addicted to those little notifications.  I was checking a post for likes and comments right after I shared it.  I was looking for some kind of comfort or affirmation and I didn’t like that.  I was starting to criticize myself and compare myself and question myself.  I really didn’t like that.

It’s been six days and so far I feel better for it.

Instead of social media, I’ve reached out to people in other ways to stay connected.

I’ve had more time to do other things.

I’m also changing some other habits.  I’ve gone back to regular TV viewing.  This Is Us.  Every Tuesday at 9.  I look forward to a day on the calendar.  But I guess This is Us isn’t back until January?  That’s cruel and unfair in an already cruel pandemic world. (smile)

The Crown came out on Sunday.  I’ve decided I’m going to dedicate Sunday night at 9 to watching ONE episode.  NO binge watching.  Which is a habit I was easily getting into.  I mean, I’m calling the cast of Schitt’s Creek my family.  They’re in my living room every night and have been for months.  I love you Dan Levy.  Call me.  (smile)

This pandemic has been HARD.  People are tired and frustrated and just want it to be over.  Me too.

But I know for me, I need to be careful about what I’m thinking about and watching right now more than ever.

So I’m changing some habits to help me through it.

I want more happy in my life.  I want something to look forward to.  Because for the past few months of working from home, every day has felt the same and I need to shake things up and make sure that I keep focusing on simple things that bring me joy.

You can chose what you surround yourself with and I’m choosing positivity.

If anyone would like to reach out to me – send me an email ANYTIME  Send me an old fashioned letter 1415 London Road, Sarnia, ON N7S 1P6.  I would love to exchange Christmas cards!

Less is more still means something and I know for me I want to get back to that.

We have so much information coming at us every single day.

Let’s get back to simple things that bring us joy.



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