By: Sarah Woodley


Sarah Woodley

One of my fave Pandemic Hobbies is cooking!  I have now done this recipe twice and it is a hit (with the shrimp fans in the house aka my husband and I)

The first time I did it on solid sandwich bread with crusts and this time I did it on crustless sandwich bread and did it open face (the shrimp sticks to the bread once it gets all chopped and mixed with yolk etc.) Both were good, the open face cooked faster…

I got the recipe from one of my all time favourites Jamie Oliver. (I have been watching him since he was the Naked Chef!)

I served it up last night with an Asian inspired slaw and some roasted Pak Choy!

You will find the recipe HERE

(ps I know that isn’t a shrimp in my avatar, but it’s the closest I could get LOL)


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