It’s Pumpkin Time!

By: Eve Morgan


Eve Morgan



Pumpkins are just for Hallowe’en…I like to display them for the whole harvest season….so how do you pick the best one’s? The answers are in my blog on the station website & facebook page…..

So…choose a pumpkin with a stem at least 2 inches long & theat stem is for decoration, not to carry it by….

… SO no to pumpkins with holes, soft spots or nicks…that’s a recipe for rotting & decay…

Also, press your thumbnail into the pumpkin, if your nail makes a scratch in the pumpkin, BACK AWAY FROM THE PUMPKIN

… Plus eventhough lighter colored pumpkins are easier to carve because the skin is not as harddarker ones keep longer

… pumpkin experts say to give  it a rinse and let it air dry…after you done carving it, rub on a little petroleum jelly where you cut and on the inside…it will stay  hydrated and last longer….Happy Harvest!


© Can Stock Photo / Sandralise

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