Less Boozy Cocktails? What’s The Point?

By: Eve Morgan


Eve Morgan

Your Waistline is the point! Winter is “sweater weather”,  the time for big, heavy recipes & on more than one or 2 occasions – over indulgence. And sure while there’s a place for comfort foods and enjoying rich meals, a Canadian chef collective thinks we can bring balance with delicious, on-trend winter dishes that don’t rely huge calorie counts & carbs.

  • Go with lean proteins teamed up with complex flavor sides that use Indian curry, Caribbean spice or  French savories
  • Try Less boozy cocktails – winter punches and swapping  the alcohol on an eggnog using liqueurs and fortified wines in place of hard alcohol cut the alcohol and the calories way down
  • And for breakfast tomorrow morning – reach for Protein-packed grains. How about a quinoa breakfast bowls with pistachios and almond milk?

Find their recipes & suggestions HERE!

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