Adding One More Thing To The Daily Daily! Ugh

By: Eve Morgan


Eve Morgan

Here were are; A Brand New Year…How are you tackling it?

Events leading up to Christmas has certainly colored my family’s days. Now that the older 2 are back to school, the  reality of how busy morning will be hit me last night. All the prep I did, to make sure I stayed on track, helped, but nothing is ever perfect.

It all started with a fall one week before Christmas and it was followed up with 2 surgeries in 6 days to repair the damage; LONG STORY SHORT: My hubby is laid up with a cast from his hip to toes for at least another month.

So for me that means all the laundry, garbages, recycling, cooking, walking the dog in the am, setting Hubby up for the day (NO STAIRS!!) and then, my 9 to 5! It’s alot. It’s tiring. And, it’s in there in the vows when we said “I DO!” LOL

I miss my morning ellipse, but walking the dog is important too; his health can’t fall through the cracks. So, here I am budgeting my time and I swear I see the light at the end of the tunnel.

ANd they say WALKING is a Super Power…so what they hey! Find out HERE

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