The View From Here – Tap Into Your Inner Child

By: Carrie Buchanan


I had a half a cantaloupe this morning.  And yesterday too.  And each time it reminded me of childhood.  Days spent on my grandparents farm in the summer.  I remember those days of sitting at the table with half a melon in front of me.

My grandparents would put salt on theirs “to bring out the flavour”.   I remember sprinkling sugar on top.  And we just scooped it out with a spoon.  And then we would run outside and play all day long.  Nothing but grass and fields all around us.

There are days now, I will take my dog for a walk and I will walk through the grass of a field and be transported back to those summer days on the farm.  Playing badminton with my brothers and sister, or riding our bikes, blowing bubbles.  Some of the best memories.  Days on “the farm”.

I was listening to a podcast recently about going back to childish ways.  How much we are told to stop acting so childish, when in fact, it might be just what we NEED to do.  We need to remember who we were as a little person.  The one that stood in awe of the world.  Who got excited over little things.  Who we were before the world broke us down little by little.  Which so easily happens.

We need to have a playdate.  With our inner child.  To reconnect with ourselves. And I LOVE that idea.  What if we made time for that?  For ourselves?  To go back and do something we loved doing as a kid.

I have those moments.  Maybe it comes when eating a half a melon with a spoon.   Or blowing bubbles.   Or running through the garden hose without a care in the world.  Those moments are the best moments.  Laughing out loud at something silly.

Find those moments for yourself.  Get in touch with your silly side.  That child that you used to be.  And see what happens.

Eat cereal for breakfast.  Watch cartoons.  Colour.  Dance in the rain and splash in a puddle.

That little you is still in there.  Just waiting for a chance to play again.




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