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The View From Here – Where Are My This Is Us Fans At?

By: Carrie Buchanan


We need to talk about This Is Us for a minute.  Or more.  We need a group hug.  We need an ugly cry.  We need to talk about what we don’t want to talk about and prepare ourselves for what is coming in the next two and final episodes of this show that we grown to love so much.

I couldn’t post yesterday because it was too soon.  I was still feeling all the feelings from Tuesdays nights show.  I won’t give any spoilers because I HATE that, but I will say I am NOT prepared for what looks like is coming.

And if you believe Mandy Moore in her recent interview with Jimmy Fallon – next week’s episode is going to wreck us.   And Mandy says “Take a day off from work” after the finale.

Have you been watching?

I remember the first episode and knew there was something magical in this show.  The characters.  The way it wove back and forth through time.

Mandy Moore is BRILLIANT.  This past season has really showcased her talent.   You almost forget how young she really is.  She plays the part of Becky in her old age BRILLIANTLY.   The last episode where we see the difference in a young, vibrant mom of triplets, tackling the everyday struggles like some sort of super hero, to watching as her three kids come together to take care of her is incredible to watch.  And we feel it deep in our hearts because it is so relatable to every single person.

As parents we do it all for our kids.  No matter how tired we are, or what we are dealing with it, we find the strength because we love them so much.  And in parenting we can lose ourselves, and forget who we really are, so we know that battle to find ourselves again in the middle of it all and not forget who we were BEFORE kids.

Marriage, family, relationships, loss, grief, frustration, tragedy.   This show has covered everything and it’s done it so well and that is why it is going to be so damn hard to let go in two weeks.  These characters have been a part of our lives for six seasons.  We’ve loved them.  Laughed with them.  Grieved with them.  Rooted for them.  Yelled at them.

Just when you think “what more can this show do” – they surprise us.  More twists and turns, ups and downs.  Relationship struggles.  Reunited.

We about lost our minds when Jack died and swore we would never cook anything ever again in a crock pot.  Out of respect.  (smile).

So how do we let go now?  We know what’s coming.  If you saw this week and have seen the teaser for what’s to come, you KNOW what’s coming.  And I’m not ready.  I don’t WANT the next episode because I don’t WANT the outcome.  Because I know, like Mandy said, it is going to WRECK me.

Just know that I am going to need you next Wednesday and the Wednesday after that.

Want to talk about the show?  Text me at 519-464-1999 or email me – cbuchanan@blackburnmedia.ca

Maybe we could watch together.  Over ice cream and cookies and whatever else we need to comfort us.  Because I know we are going to need it.

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