The View From Here – Has This Ever Happened To You

By: Carrie Buchanan


Carrie Buchanan

Have you ever had something happen to you – an accident or injury or just embarrassing situation (smile) that was caused by your fur baby?  I have.  Because it happened yesterday and the bruises prove it.  So does the lingering embarrassment. 

I was leaving work yesterday, (and by that I mean leaving my craft room and going downstairs to the kitchen).  I stepped on something, and suddenly I was tumbling down the stairs, grasping at anything to catch my fall as I went.  Step by step.  I felt like I was falling down in slow motion.  Like I could it happening from up above.   

I didn’t see anything on the stairs before I slipped.  I looked around, as I tried to gather my thoughts.  Don’t look to the light.  (kidding).   Trying to figure out if I was still in one piece.  It felt like the fall took forever. 

Then I saw him. 

Sheldon.  The cat.  Sitting quietly at the top of the stairs.  Staring at me.  I know he was laughing.  He had been on the stair.  I didn’t see him.   He didn’t even make a sound. 

The noise of the fall caused a commotion in my household. Everyone came running to show their concern.  Well, my husband did.  I’m sure he tried to hide a smile and a laugh.  And if I wasnt’ so mad, I probably would have laughed to.  My kids came out of their rooms a few minutes later.  My 17 year old said “Did you fall down the stairs again?” with a grin.  

Yep, again.  Because when our cat was still just a kitten sitting on the stairs, he clawed me one morning.  As I was making the journey down the stairs.  Got me right in the ankle and sent me tumbling.

It’s one of those moments in time you never forget.  You’re feeling hurt – pride and body.  

And you’re pretty sure your cat knew exactly what he was doing.

Anybody else?

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