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Escape Plan?

By: Blackburn Radio


Eve Morgan

No…not for you…for your kids; to be specific, your impressionable tweens & teens…

These kids of ours  can get into sticky situations because of peer pressure, so do you think it’s our job to give them an out, so they can stay safe and also save face infront  of their friends? One parent did in the link below. It makes sense and  from the time mine were little, we’ve always said “we don’t leave a store without paying for something”, “we don’t  make fun or bully” and “if youre in a bad situation with your so-called friends, Mom & dad will always be your out”…

What that “out” is, is between you and you kid, but having one could be life saving and life changing. Talk to them and help them navigate this  confusing time in their lives and world that we live in.

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