What Coffee Should You Be Drinking Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

By: Sarah Woodley


George & Sarah

A new survey by BUNN reveals that 81% of coffee drinkers are motivated to get out of bed in the morning by the prospect of drinking coffee. Other findings:

– the average person consumes 460 cups of coffee per year

– 48% of people prefer hot coffee while  20% prefer cold brew, and 18% favor iced coffee

– 42% of  coffee drinkers would give up social media before their morning brew

What Coffee You Should Be Drinking Based On Your Zodiac Sign …

1. Aries: Bold, strong coffee

2. Taurus: Smooth, rich latte

3. Gemini: Versatile, dual-flavored cappuccino

4. Cancer: Comforting, warm hot chocolate with a shot of espresso

5. Leo: Bold, vibrant espresso shot

6. Virgo: Balanced, expertly crafted pour-over coffee

7. Libra: Well-rounded, harmonious blend of coffee and tea (dirty chai)

8. Scorpio: Dark, intense cold brew coffee

9. Sagittarius: Adventurous, globally-inspired coffee blend

10. Capricorn: Classic, reliable drip coffee

11. Aquarius: No coffee for you, Coffee Alternatives

12: Pisces: Fancy, Double Pump EXTRA

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