By: George Hayes


George & Sarah

THURSDAY TRIVIA  Q: “79% of Canadians think this rude to do in a grocery store.  Doing what?”

TRIVIA PRIZE: TWO TICKETS TO THE STING vs Windsor, Friday night.  (we have a winner, still verifying details)

Please text your guess to the A1 Security Textline (519) 464-1999. We will announce and post the answer just before 9am.


TRUDY: “fart”

TOM: “Taste what ur buying”

ASHLEY: “Touch ALL the fruits and veggies”

CRISTINA: “socialize in the aisles and blocking them”

SANDY: “Take samples of food.”

KAREN: “Sample the fruit ”

FRED: “Pick through produce”

SHERRY: “Reach over someone to get your item”

HELENA: “Taking up the whole aisle with your cart”

LORI: “Pick up food then change their minds 3 aisle over and put it down..”

MARCIA: “When checking out, running to grab another item”

KEVIN: “Snack while shopping”

CINDY: “Leaving your cart in the middle of the parking lot. ”

CHRISTINE: “Leaving shopping cart not putting it back”

INGE: “Sample the items,eg.grapes in produce dept”

780 AREA CODE: “Not putting an item back where you got it from, if you decide not to get it anymore.”

PAT: “Being impatient cutting off others”

THERESA: “Not putting your cart back”


ANSWER: “Not putting items back where you found them.”


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