Can You Guess What Fruit This Is???

By: Sarah Woodley


Sarah Woodley


Last night I was roasting some tomatoes for dinner (roasted tomatoes, with sauteed Swiss Chard and lots of garlic over pasta, I love this time of year for fresh produce!!)…but back to the plums…

I was roasting the tomatoes and happend to have a bunch of plums that were on the verge of being overripe, so I thought to myself, why not roast them!!

They are so good roasted, tangy and sweet…perfect over vanilla ice cream.

I just cut them in half, took out the stone and put them on a pan, oven was at 375, and it was probably 1/2 an hour…I let them cool on the pan and they released this beautiful syrup.

What I find interesting is the plums that went into the oven were dark purple on the outside and greeen on the inside…they roasted pink!!



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