If You Thought Pickled Rhubarb Was Weird…..I Pickled Grapes!!

By: Sarah Woodley


Sarah Woodley

Do you watch Queer Eye?? One of our favourite shows, it is FEEL GOOD TV!! (Netflix)

In Episode 6 of season 5, Antoni makes a Pesto Chicken Salad and adds Quick Pickled Grapes (Red Grapes soaked in Red Wine Vinager)

When he said Pickled Grapes, my ears perked up…I was intrigued and I happened to have Grapes in my Fridge!!!

So I googled some recipes and kind of made up my own with the Pickling Spice I had in my Spice Drawer…but this is the recipe that I based it after… https://www.thecuriouschickpea.com/quick-pickled-grapes/

Plus here is a link to some more of Antoni’s Recipes.. https://www.realitytitbit.com/netflix-reality-shows/queer-eye-recipes-season-5

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