The Next Chapter

By: Eve Morgan


Eve Morgan

I hate the countdown. The countdown to when you leave me….

We have never been more proud, but the date on the calendar looms; when we drive you up to uni and you start the next chapter of your academic career and journey towards adulthood.

I will miss  your goofiness; the fact that  you can kind of be a mini-me. I will miss your infectious laugh daily, your continuous kindness;  your beautiful face.

I know I’m going to ugly cry when we leave you at University; but you’ve proven you have the head, heart & dedication to get the marks needed for success.

So, like  many parents & caregivers out there, with a child  going off to College or University, we feel pride, sadness, heartbreaking love and joy. All of it.

Congratulations my middle child; my son.

Love, your Middle Child Mom.


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