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The View From Here – Can We Talk About Prince Harry?

By: Carrie Buchanan


I know that there are so many people so “done already” with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.  Between the leaving the Royal Family behind drama, the Netflix docuseries, and now the tell all book “Spare”.

We knew it wouldn’t go over well. The Royals drink the tea, they don’t “spill the tea”.  (smile)

Prince Harry has been busy making the rounds on all the shows.  He appeared with Anderson Cooper on 60 Minutes.  He was on Good Morning America and recently sat down with Stephen Colbert for a lengthy interview.

The book has revealed a lot of personal details about what life has been like for Prince Harry.  I admit, I’ve been curious to read the book and get his side of the story.  But after watching him in various interviews recently, I am even more interested.

The more he speaks out the more I sympathize with him, admire and respect him.   He doesn’t come across like his intention is to ruin the family he left behind, but more so to bring awareness to all that is wrong inside palace walls and to change the way things are done.

I can’t speak on the book yet, because I haven’t read it.  I’ve reserved it and am patiently waiting my turn at the Lambton County Library.  But after listening to him speak and share certain details you get a different perspective on royal life.  I think we’ve always known the royal family seems a bit dysfunctional at best.  Some question their mere existence or purpose.

But to think family members leak stories to the press about others to make themselves look better?  Seems cruel.  I can’t imagine a world in the spotlight.

I listen to Harry talk about his mother – the late Diana Princess of Wales – and my heart goes out to him.  I sympathize and understand the impact such a sudden and tragic loss has on a person.  How you go into survival mode, and put on a brave face, just to get by.  I understand not talking about it until decades later.  My mom, brother and sister were killed in a car accident when I was 18.  I’ve felt a connection to Harry and William ever since the day Diana died. It’s the same bond anyone who shares a similar experience feels.  The secret club nobody wants to belong to.

I appreciate how he is open and honest about dealing with trauma and grief, getting help, and the power of sharing your story to help others heal.

I believe he could make a difference in changing how the British press operate if he keeps fighting for truth in the way he is.

This interview with Stephen Colbert has been my favourite to date. There’s a few instances where you see the resemblance to his mother.  I think he comes across as a little uncomfortable in the venue, in the spotlight, center of attention.  But you get a sense of his realness, his passion, his love of family, his humour.

There is a moment in the interview when Stephen Colbert asks Harry about reaching the same age as Diana was when she died.  I can say there is an odd feeling that comes when you get older than the parent who died. My mom was 41.  I’m 51. Every years seems more and more significant because I’ve experienced so much more of life than she ever got. My brother and sister too. I can relate to so much of what he speaks about in regards to that.  And whenever he speaks about it, I learn more.

He says we are not encouraged as a society to grieve and that should change.

Harry says writing the book was cathartic for him.  Bringing up memories of the past, his mother’s tragic death.

It’s not the tell-all book that it’s made out to be and look like. It’s Harry’s story. His life.  His struggles.  Military life. Dealing with and healing from trauma and devastating loss.  Seeking help with mental health.  Standing up for what you want.  Protecting your wife and kids from a press that just won’t quit.  They did it with his mother, and his fear is they will do the same with his wife and family.

As someone who experienced great loss, I understand wanting to do anything to prevent the same thing from happening.  Especially when that event seems so impossible.

Harry, thank you for sharing your life story with us and for being so real, honest and raw with your feelings.

I can’t wait to dive into the book and learn more, in your words, about what life has been like for you.


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