The View From Here – How Do You Recharge?

By: Carrie Buchanan


Remember when we were in the middle of a pandemic and we couldn’t do anything and we were stuck at home and we longed to be back to normal and back to doing all the “stuff” we were missing?

I miss the quiet of those days.  Not the EVENT itself.  But the more quiet, more laid back days.  When I could go for a drive and nobody else was on the road.  When I wasn’t full of anxiety and fear and worry when I was driving.  These days it feels like everybody is in a hurry and driving way too fast.  I’ve seen a few cars go through red lights recently and that just puts a heaviness on my chest because I know what CAN happen in those situations.  My family and I live with the after effects every single day because someone was driving way too fast through a stop sign.

I sometimes miss having nothing to do.   Life has gotten busy again.  With work, and events, and things to do and places to go.  A full calendar again.  Which was fun at first.  The excitement of feeling things “back to normal”.

But with the holidays getting closer, and the busyness increasing, I decided that yesterday would be a full on day to rest and recharge.

So I did.  I stayed home.  I made scones.  I ate scones.   I binge watched the first two seasons of Dead To Me so I could be ready for Season 3 that just came out.

I played in my scrapbook room.  I did a few pages.  Ordered some new prints.  I organized bills and tidied up my planner.  I listened to records and painted my nails.

There was time with my kids and a movie with my husband.  Leftovers for dinner made the perfect end to the day.

It was a day to remind myself the benefit of being still and not busy.  Locked away at home with nowhere to go, nowhere to be.

No social media.  At all.   How freeing to not be a slave to the scroll.

It was a beautiful day spent recharging.  I highly encourage you to take that time for you.  To remind yourself of the things you like to do.   Life’s simple pleasures.

And feel free to share with me what you like to do on those quiet days.  What does your “me” time look like?

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