The View From Here – What Is Bringing You Joy?

By: Carrie Buchanan


Carrie Buchanan

What is bringing you joy?

I know it’s so hard not to focus on all that we’re missing and can’t do and want to do.  But today, think about what is bringing you joy.

I think sometimes we think about the somedays too much.  When I have this or that, THEN I’ll be happy.  When this pandemic is over THEN I’ll be happy.  When I get my hair cut, THEN I’ll be happy. (smile)

But finding those things right now will help you get through the tough days.

A Wellness App did a survey and asked people what was bringing them joy and hope right now.  I can’t believe peanut butter, fancy coffee and Wagon Wheels weren’t on the list.  (smile) Because they came to mind for me right away.

In the top five – connecting with people, getting a good night’s sleep, rocking home workouts, meditation, and trying new recipes.

Anything on your list make the top five?   I have realized over the last year the value of relationships more than ever.   I think we all have.  We make time for those people we love and care for and who do the same for us.  Life is too short for relationships that don’t help you grow and be your best self.  I have really reduced my circle this year and poured into those in my life.  It’s not how many friends you have, but the quality of the friendships.  Guard your circle.

Home workouts have saved me.  I know it’s true.  I do programs online and have for years that I absolutely love and look forward to every single morning.  I’m not a group fitness person.  I’m awkward and uncomfortable in a public setting.  So being at home takes that away which is nice.  And exercise, we know, is so good for helping us work through the stress! And I also feel like I’m channeling my younger self.  Rock star every morning in my living room. (smile)

I don’t meditate.  I have trouble being quiet and sitting still for long.   I never have trouble sleeping.  It’s making myself go to bed instead of watching “one more episode” of whatever I pick on Netflix. #guilty

And as for trying new recipes?  That’s never good for me.   I like to do what I know works.  New recipes usually end up in some sort of disaster for me.  So I stick to the tried and true recipes that I have favourited and liked and made a thousand times over the years.

Not on that list – I love coffee outside in the morning, with “my birds”.  Sitting in the quiet.  I love baking.  I love driving with my girls and singing 80’s music at the top of our lungs, hair blowing around like crazy.  The laughs are the best.

I have a fun Facebook group that will be starting in the next few weeks that I hope you will join.   The focus will be on things that help bring us joy and help us feel GOOD!  Watch for the invitation to come your way and make sure you tell your friends that if anyone is looking for a positive feel good space in the online world, I hope to bring that to you.  Lots of information and ideas to be shared on how to keep feeling our best, taking care of ourselves in every way, focusing on self care and positivity.  I really hope you join.

And I absolutely love getting emails from YOU.  They always make my day, and yes they do bring me joy.   It’s nice to feel a connection with you and have the chance to hear from you.  So keep writing.  Keep sharing. 

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