The View From Here – A Glimpse Of Normal

By: Carrie Buchanan


Carrie Buchanan

Welcome to the Red Zone.   Cue the music and lights.  Kidding.  Don’t get mad.  I’m just having fun and trying to make it sound better and more fun than it actually is.  Red Zone means more restrictions.  Again.  Just as we were starting to see things open up again after a very long second lockdown.  Hard to keep track of what’s open.  What we can do and not do.  Where can we go and not go.   Sigh.  When is this going to be over?

All I know is it seemed like everyone was out this weekend.  As if when the clock struck midnight everything would be shut down. The mall was busy.  SO BUSY.  I had to make a stop in to pick up a few things for my daughters upcoming birthday and the girls behind the counter at one store said “It’s been NUTS! People think we’re closing because we’re moving to the red.  We’re not.  We’re staying open.  Limiting the number of people in store.”  So, a reminder to people.  Just because we’re in the red doesn’t mean the same thing as lockdown.  And if you are going to a business, be sure to do the screening on your phone in advance.

I was out this weekend and for a minute I felt a bit of normal.  I got a new “old” outfit at Goodwill.  I got a fancy coffee with a name I have trouble pronouncing, first one since the first lockdown.  It was nice.  I savoured it.

I got dressed up and went to church yesterday.  Threw on some lipstick before realizing nobody would see it underneath the mask anyway. (smile)  But I FELT good wearing it.  And like so many other things, church isn’t the same.  Only a handful of people.  Social distanced.  Chairs set apart from the others.  But as soon as I walked in the door it felt so good to see people again.  People I haven’t seen in months.  People I didn’t realize how much I missed seeing until I saw their face.  It’s also the first time in a really long time I’ve heard live music.  Nothing better.

It’s the first time in months that I had somewhere to go and needed to get dressed and be on time.  Which was nice.  And proof that I could still in fact do it.  I was worried I’d forgotten what that was like.  Working from home isn’t like that.  I rarely get dressed up.  And honestly, I can do it gradually through the day.  This morning I was still in my robe five minutes before our Google Meet meeting.  Just being honest.  Working from home is tough on routine.  It’s especially hard on Monday making that transition from home to work.  Our brains don’t want to.

I was starting to believe I wasn’t really missing going out or people that much.  I wasn’t feeling comfortable going out and I wasn’t feeling like I needed to join the world again.  I was getting totally comfortable in the comfort of my own home.  Sitting in my comfy clothes – or robe (smile) at my make-do work desk in my scrapbook room.

But as soon as I saw a familiar face, I couldn’t stop smiling.

The one thing I will complain about?  I can’t get my earrings back in.  Well, that’s not true.  One side is still fine.  The other seems to have grown over.  It’s been a long time since I’ve cared enough to put on earrings.  A sign of the times?  I guess.  I guess it’s another reason to make sure, even if you’re working from home, that you take time to keep doing regular things.  Even putting on a pair of earrings.

Thank you to everyone for reaching out and sharing your messages with me as we continue through this.  I know it’s challenging.  I know it’s frustrating.  And I know we all want it to end so we can go back to normal.

Keep doing those small little things that help you feel a little “normal” through this abnormal time.  Even if it’s a coffee in the drive thru.

What is your go-to?  What is something you have done that helps you stay connected to life and other people that helps you get through it?

Email me anytime – let’s stay connected


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