The View From Here – So Distracted

By: Carrie Buchanan


Carrie Buchanan

I’m trying to work.  From my scrapbook room.  But I look out the window and see the sun.  I open the window and feel the warmth.

Someone is cutting the grass. I love the smell of fresh cut grass. It’s one of my favourite smells.  Up there with laundry, fresh bread, apple pie, fresh baked cookies.

See, distracted.

One thought leads to something else and then nothing gets done.

Working from home is a challenge.  I go to the kitchen for a glass of water, and want to sweep the floor, fold a blanket on the couch, add something to the grocery list and pet the cat.

Then I remember, I’m supposed to be working and I should get back to “the studio” before the music stops.

How are you today?  How are you feeling?   How is your time at home going?

I keep walking past the jigsaw puzzle I can’t seem to finish.  I used to be really good at puzzles.  This one has been frustrating.  I blame lack of proper light.  (smile) I probably should be wearing my glasses instead of forcing pieces into place.

Our cat – Sheldon – likes to walk on the table.  Or sit on the pieces.   Sweeping them with his tail.  I know he does it on purpose



Heinz has released a puzzle. 570 pieces.

All Heinz red.  “NOW YOU CAN OWN THE RIDICULOUSLY SLOW HEINZ KETCHUP PUZZLE. 570 pieces. All in identical HEINZ Ketchup red.” Proceeds going to food banks. I can’t imagine the level of frustration with that one.  If you should purchase it (hey, it’s for the food banks!) please share.  I want to  meet the person that gets it done.


I know a lot of our kids are disappointed they won’t be getting their prom this year.  I’m sorry about that.  And maybe you would have had an awesome prom.  I grew up in the 80’s, with the movies that created this build up of what prom could be like.  My prom was the opposite of what prom should be.  5 other girls wearing the same dress.  My date was stolen by another “friend”.  If I could go back and re-write the script on that day, it would have been so much better.  Honestly, I had way more fun when our high school had a backwards prom.  The MORP.  We got to dress the way we wanted – even if that meant as some Punk Rock chick – with ripped jeans and crimped hair.  Like Halloween, only better.  That by far was the best day of my high school life.  And way less money.  The most memorable events in life aren’t always the ones that are built up to be that way, but the smaller, more unexpected ones.  Try not to feel like you’ve missed out.  My seventeen year old awkward self would say “it’s not all that it’s cracked up to be”.

And by the way, grade eight grad was nothing worth remembering for me either.  My family had just moved from Streetsville, to THEDFORD!  The last two weeks of grade 8.  I ended up graduating with a bunch of strangers at the time.  Wearing some old dress from an old picture day.  Looking awkward and so out of place.  It was a small ceremony in the gym of the school. When I look back on those memorable days of my school life, that wasn’t one that comes to mind without wanting to cry.  (smile).

This is one time I am super thankful I don’t have a picture of the day to remember.

Do you have something that stands out from your time in school?  For me, I think it was the everyday things.  It was fries and gravy, and from what I remember, sometimes mayo – in the cafeteria.  It was only having a quarter in my pocket to buy one of those giant sour keys.  It was walking the halls with my friends.  It was having crushes on boys. High school dances.  And that awkward first date and first kiss.

For those that are missing their big ceremonies and celebrations – hold onto all those all small moments.  Those memories will forever be larger than life to me.


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