A Whole New World

By: Carrie Buchanan


Carrie Buchanan

I’m there with you.  I’m feeling it.  The stress.  The tension.  The fear.  The anxiety.

I feel it.  I’m with you.

The sun is out and it looks like a beautiful day.  Yet, the world is changing.  Covid-19 is changing how we live. Seems so strange.

The unknown is scary.

We are living in uncharted territory.

The best thing to do is the simplest.

Take care of yourself.  Wash your hands.  A lot.  With soap and water for at least 20 seconds.  Stay home if you can.

Our workplace has people who can, working from home where possible. We are changing and adapting.

Our jobs as announcers is to keep you informed, and to hopefully distract you from all the rest of it.  To bring a smile to your face.  To remind you that we are in this together and it will all be okay.

I have to say, that even as people were shopping this weekend, looking for toilet paper,  buying a few extras to get them through this period of uncertainty, almost everyone I came across was smiling.   I watched as people shopped with their lists, being careful with what they bought. I listened to conversations about what was happening.  People surprised by the situation. Concerned, but still in good spirits.

Generally, people seemed to be doing okay.

Cashiers were working hard these past few days.  Lots of people flocking to the stores.

We’ve been told that grocery stores WILL stay open and there is no shortage of food.  No need to panic buy or hoard the supplies.

And please, keep in mind, the food banks will continue to need our help.  Give what you can and help our community.

There are a lot of closures and cancellations around the world and in our community. Stay up to date at Blackburn News Sarnia.

We need to stay calm.  Don’t panic.  And we need to continue to be the incredible community we are known to be.  A community that comes together and helps each other out.

Let’s make compassion and kindness the priority.  Let’s look out for those that need help.  Let’s talk care of each other.  Even if the best way to do that is to stay away from each other. (smile)

We are strong. We will get through this.





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