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Published On March 31, 2017 | By Sarah Woodley |

We teamed up with Healthy Kids Community Challenge Lambton to give away a FIT BIT CHARGE HR!

Congratulations to Amanda Mayer! Her response to what are you doing to encourage your kids to drink water and eliminate sugary drinks?

We made our own water jugs (for water only) with sayings encouraging us to meet our daily requirement. Every time we succeed we set money aside for a summer adventure.”

A great idea and now I am curious what the summer adventure is going to be!!

Thanks to everyone that entered with their great tips, I couldn’t post them all, but here just a few of the tips we received…

“We took the kids out and let them choose their own water bottle. They keep it filled all the time. We don’t buy as many sugary drinks and treat any drink other than water as a treat. As a result every one in the house now drinks more water. For flavor we sometime put a jug of water in the fridge with lemon or strawberry just to mix things up.” (Kerry)

“I use an water reminder app on my phone and it tells us how much water we should drink daily. It encourages them as well when I drink more water.” (Chrissy)

“Simply…. Do not bring the “sugary” drinks home. Making Water available and accessible to my kids has greatly curbed there desire for a more “unhealthy” choice. At 10 and 7 years old, they both have yet to try pop and usually only ask for chocolate milk as a treat. “(Jason)

“By always keeping a jug of water handy in the fridge. We have taught my daughter to drink water through the day, having milk or juice at meals only.
When heading out for the day we always have our water bottles in tow. This way, we are concistenly able to rehydrate through the day, flush out bad germs in our bodies and keep active.
My daughter,Destiny has prepared her own contest answer: I have a program at my school. We have water bottles and water bottle refill stations. At home every night I grab my water bottle and put it in my bed if I’m thirsty I take a sip. I’m healthier because I’m drinking more water and drinking less juice and pop this is a great way to keep me healthy” (Meghan and Destiny)

“I give my kids appealing water bottles (favourite colour, easy to use, insulated) so that they like to take water with them. A ready supply at ice at home makes it more favourable to drink water in the summer too!” (Shirley)

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