George and Sarah

George Hayes & Sarah Woodley

Look, we have our own page! A little about ourselves while we have your attention!

Sarah and I get up very early every day, but we would never sleep in to do something else. We have been together on the Fox since September 2007. We consider each other work spouses. That takes a burden off our real life mates.    🙂

We are very different people, though. Sarah is a foodie that can detail every ingredient of everything she has every eaten. I am more likely to stop at two ingredients, one of them being ketchup.

We are both workout fanatics. Okay, maybe Sarah is. She even teaches a spin class. My idea of a workout is an appearance at the gym and if I do something strenuous like a run, I leave a good recovery period in between…something like 3 weeks.

A note like this wouldn’t be complete without one secret fact about each of us. It is true that my home life revolves around a fleece kitty blanket. I am not embarrassed at that…well maybe a bit. Sarah’s secret is that she likes long walks on the beach. Haha, that is a lie, she likes skinny dipping at Bright’s Grove Beach. So beware.

It’s no secret that we love what we do.  And coffee.

 – George Hayes (Feb 10th, 2016)

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