Drake Is Responsible For 5% Of Toronto’s Tourism

Published On July 9, 2018 | By Kendal Malewicz |

Drake is the man!

From mentioning local landmarks in his songs, to hyping the Raptors, and nicknaming the city “The Six”, he’s Toronto’s most recognized celebrity. And according to a new report from Vice News, he’s responsible for about 5% of Toronto’s $8.8 BILLION annual tourism revenue.  That amounts to $440 million.

A branding expert says, quote, “He’s helped to rebrand the city.  He’s kind of made himself the same as Toronto.” A politician named Michael Thompson even used Drake to bring a $147 million tech conference to the city for the next three years. He says, quote, “When I mentioned this was home of Drake, the people just kind of went crazy . . . just the mere mention of his name . . .

“The native son is here, he’s got a great brand, we’re gonna kind of hitch ourselves on it a little bit and get pulled up along the way.”




Photo: You Tube

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