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Gateway Casinos Point Edward – Find Yer Fortune!

Published On April 5, 2018 | By Blackburn Radio |

Congratulations to TERRI FARR, the winner of $10,000 in the FIND YER FORTUNE CONTEST with GATEWAY CASINOS POINT EDWARD.

Terri correctly guessed, “LAKE HURON at THE GREAT LAKES MODEL at THE POINT LANDS.”


  • Employees, relatives and contractors of Gateway Casino Point Edward, the Virtual Treasure Chest location and Blackburn Radio are not eligible to play or win this prize.
  • The winner of this contest will be paid by a representative of Gateway Casino Point Edward. ‘Contestants’ must also abide by all Gateway Casino contest rules.
  • A contestant is defined as the correct caller when a cue to call is given on 99.9 The Fox.
    • The ‘contestant’ must be 19 years of age or over and follows the rules posted by Gateway Casino Point Edward.
    • The ‘contestant’ will be given one chance to guess the exact location per call. It is the responsibility of the ‘contestant’ to read their answer clearly.
    • First time ‘contestants’ will win a bonus prize from Gateway Casinos Point Edward. ‘Contestants’ will be limited to one bonus prize during the life of the contest.
    • There is no limit regarding the number of times a ‘contestant’ can be the correct caller.
  • The Fox will reveal a new hint each day, Monday to Friday starting April 9th. Announcers will not be allowed to give extra hints or to help the ‘contestant’ in any way. In that event the ‘contestant’ will be ineligible to win until the next contest play. Any ‘contestant’ who is given any hint or is given the answer off air will be ineligible to win.
  • Any incorrect answer will be met with a pre-recording stating “That is an incorrect answer.”
  • All hints, including bonus hints, will only be posted at Gateway Casino in Point Edward daily at 9am.
  • A correct answer must be detailed enough to convince the Fox announcer and any accompanying judge that the ‘contestant’ knows the location, without doubt.
  • The ‘virtual treasure chest’ doesn’t actually exist.
  • Disputes will be handled by the CFGX Program Director. All decisions will be final.

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