No Prenup In The Bezos Divorce

By: Kendal Malewicz


The Daily Scoop

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and his wife MacKenzie did NOT have a prenup, according to sources which means it’s likely they’ll split their $136 BILLION fortune down the middle.

And she’s entitled.  They got married in 1993, several years before Jeff became even a millionaire.

Most reputable sources are saying that Jeff and his girlfriend Lauren Sanchez didn’t hook up until their respective marriages were over.  But the “National Enquirer” might be trying to paint a different picture.

They got a hold of some raunchy texts Jeff sent Lauren including some less flattering photos.   And they claim some of these texts were sent BEFORE Jeff and Lauren claim they started dating.

Some sources say that Lauren’s husband was blindsided by their affair.

Reached for comment, Bezos said that he, quote, “supports journalistic efforts and does not intend to discourage reporting about him.”







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