Published On April 20, 2018 | By Sarah Woodley |

Is there really a need for a class on how to be happy? Sure, we all know that happiness is one of the most important aspects of a fulfilling life, but we never imagined walking into a “Happiness 101” class between math and English while we were still in school. But at the same time, happiness is not always easy to find — especially in a world that seems to be consumed by bad news. So we suppose we shouldn’t be too surprised that Yale University is offering a class about happiness — a class that anyone can take for free.

Yale first began offering “Psychology and the Good Life” this semester, and it quickly became the most popular course in the university’s 316-year history. In fact, it was so high in demand that nearly a fourth of the entire undergraduate student population enrolled in it. But don’t worry: If you’re interested in taking the course, you don’t have to apply to Yale.

Psychology and cognitive science professor Laurie Santos decided to open up an adapted version of the course — called “The Science of Well-Being” — for free on an online learning platform. You can sign up HERE, where the six-week course begins on April 30. It will cover topics such as misconceptions about happiness, why we sometimes have bad expectations, and strategies to reset our expectations.



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