Published On May 24, 2017 | By Sarah Woodley |

10 years ago, you couldn’t leave the house without seeing someone wearing those charmingly simple slip-on plastic shoes known as Crocs. No one ever accused them of being stylish, much less attractive, but they certainly did have their purpose. Easy to put on, easy to clean, inexpensive, comfortable. But they soon fell out of favor and before long they were more or less relegated to yardwork-only. But it appears that Crocs may be back.
Big-time. A new product lineup as well as a marketing campaign featuring Drew Barrymore and John Cena both point toward what could be a huge resurgence for the brand this summer. Lots of different styles to choose from. But it isn’t all about NEW Crocs. Used ones are selling like mad too. According to resale website thredUP, used Crocs are one of the hottest items of the season. ThredUP says that Crocs are currently flying off the shelves 58 percent faster than any other product listed on the site.

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