Does This Border on INSANITY?

Published On February 17, 2017 | By Eve Morgan |

Raise your hand if you took Maternity Leave?

Well kids or no kids, if you had the chance to take PETernity leave, so you could settle in  your new furry addition to the family, would you? Do think that’s pushing the envelope to far?

PETernity Leave does exist…in the UK.  BREWDOG, a Craft beer company has just introduced PAID Puppy Parental Leave, so employees can get their new dogs settled in.

I have been a furrparent, but I’m pretty sure if I asked the company for time off with a bouncing bundle of fluffiness, a pink slip would be coming shortly after!

Is it a good idea? For some, yes.

I can’t even contain my eye-roll!


Paid Puppy Leave Exists, So Now Nothing’s Stopping You From Adopting A New BFF



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