Published On August 6, 2015 | By Eve Morgan |

Who doesn’t love going to the movies & going to a few of them guarantees you a free movie sooner as opposed to later…

Well now all that is changing… Cineplex is making changes to its Scene loyalty program this fall that will make it more costly to earn a premium-priced movie ticket. The movie chain says it will raise the number of points customers need for free premium tickets starting on November 4th. Right now the program lets us redeem 1,000 Scene points for any movie at a Cineplex theatre, with each general admission movieearnign us 100 points towars that free movie. Come November, tickets for 3-D, Ultra-A-V-X or I-max will cost 1,500 points & movies in the adults-only V-I-P cinemas in the bigger cities will cost 2,000. Cineplex says it costs more to run the program???? So….will you go as often then?

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