Save MONEY This Summer!

Published On July 17, 2015 | By Eve Morgan |

Here’s  15 great tips to save you money this summer from MSN Home & Garden ( & hey, aren’t we ALL about saving a little extra money!!):

1 Get grilling. Barbecuing outdoors avoids heating up the  kitchen (which often causes us to blast the AC).

2 Take your entertaining outdoors, too. Why dine indoors (and use extra lighting and AC), when you could dine al fresco?      

3 Dress like you’re on vacay.  Strip down to nothing like you’re on a resort…ditch the socks and long pants…The less you wear, the higher you can set your thermostat plus the more energy you’ll save. So break out the sundresses, shorts, tanks & tees!

4 That ceiling fan isn’t JUST for looks you know…. A ceiling fan saves you big bucks by maximizing air circulation. Open up the windows and it’ll cool the house right down!

5 Improve the energy-efficiency of your central air conditioning system by booking a start-of-the-season tune-up and maintenance session.

6 Dry your laundry outdoors. Line drying uses zero energy, your laundry smells fantastic, and putting up and taking down laundry provides exercise (swimsuit season is here, after all). Win-win-win!

7 Garden strategically. Plant deciduous trees and shrubs against the south and west sides of your home. In summer, the leafy foliage shades against solar heat, while in winter, bare branches let warm sunlight stream into your home. As shade trees grow, so do your energy savings. According to the US Department of Energy, three big shade trees will chop as much as $250 off your annual energy bill.  

8 If you have a window air-conditioning unit, improve how well it works  by cleaning the filter. 

9 Trade the old for the new(ish)…when it comes to the AC unit…they just work better… 

10    Add a storm door. Today’s airtight, all-season doors don’t need storm doors. But think about it anyway becaue having one means you can keep the door open and enjoy the cross-breezes.

11 Go for the SEXY beach hair. Forget about the blow dryer & flatiron…& that staright look will only last as long as you stay out of the water! 

12 Set your outdoor security lights on motion-sensor settings. That way they come on only when needed. This makes them greater deterrents and lesser energy thieves!

13 Draw your curtains and shades. This will protect your house from heat streaming thru the windows while you’re away at work.

14 Mow it old school & save money and drop a few poundsw by the end of summer!

15 Unplug it!. Get your home electronics – computers, TVs, stereo system, wifi, PVR, DVD player,  onto power bars and turn them off at night, and of course when you leave on summer vacation…..


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