11 things you should never wear to the office during summer

Published On July 17, 2015 | By Eve Morgan |

Bra straps, cut-offs, mini dresses that are barely longer than a t shirt….
1) Anything that doesn’t have STRAPS! Put a shrug or vest over it to avoid exposing too much skin.
2) Booty shorts or cut-off are for the club…there’s nothing blue collar about them…leave them at home……
3) Flip flops..the slap clap is libel to get you a slap clap out the door….
4) It’s not New York Fashion week…micro mini-skirts or dresses are a no-no…
6) If you can’t see you short under your blouse, just don’t do it…It looks like you forgot your pants a home….
7) An oversized, Sexy Siren floppy hat….it’s not the movies kid & it’s best to leave the Diva-ness at the door.
8) Halter tops. No. Period!…
9) Anything sheer if you can’t pair it up with a tank underneath….
10) Exposed lingerie. NO! Period!
11) My you have a cute bellybutton…But you’re NOT a TODDLER! Cover it up, unless you’re in a ‘kini at the beach! Crop tops that show your belly button….no-no!

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