Published On June 5, 2015 | By Eve Morgan |

I’m ignorant…..

when it comes to gardening and keeping things lush and green…I need a how-to on growing a summers yummins like tomatoes, peppers, lettuce and forgive me if I’m wrong, but wouldn’t using anything but fresh water kind of defeat the opurpose and hastened the  the end to your personal LIVE farmville….

Well, down south  that doesn’t seem to come in to play….In California,  Morning showers will help the flowers. The long drought has people considering ways to recycle water. So, recycling water is the solution—so-called grey water from bathroom sinks, showers and washing machines can in fact be used in the garden. Families there can now install basic laundry-to-landscape grey-water systems without a permit….ok I’m assuming these systems filter out Mr. bubbles…otherwise  that gorgeouse veggie garden isonly going to be good to look at….

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