End of School Happy Dance…For THEM…What About Us?

Published On June 16, 2015 | By Eve Morgan |

Can you imagine no happy dance at the end of summer when the kids go back to school…more and more this is in fact the case…I know,  how this parental disservice is happening!!!!!

To the teachers who have our kids for 6 hours a day 5 days a week, I salute you…& also give a round of applause to all the parents out there who home-school…I couldn’t do it..my kids would be correcting me and honestly, while i would easily lay down my life for my children, being around the 3 of them 24-7, day in day out, would push me over the edge…they’re really noisey, you know….BUt, you are better than me, a new study from the Fraser Institute has found more and more Canadian children are home-schooled—an increase of a third over a five-year-period.

So why the homeschool  increase?  Health or learning disabilities, living in a remote area, or because the family travels alot.

Back to my inability or even lack of desire to Home School…does that make me  a failure as a mom? I don’t think so, I was my children’s FIRST teacher and can truthfully say we gave them the best start we could….I know my limits…and I’m ok  with that!

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