Published On June 4, 2015 | By Eve Morgan |
When you hear it, you want to give it 2 thumbs up, 2 snaps and 31 flavors…

..And I thought, this is a start… a step in the right, healthy direction….A U.K. advertising watchdog has just banned an Yves Saint Laurent advert that has a model who looked “unhealthily thin.”The ad in Elle U-K magazine, showed a model in a short black mini-dress and stacked heels…she was sprawled on the floor with her eyes shut.
So, the ASA thinks the model’s look drew attention straight to her exposed rib cage and to her twiggy legs.

Yesterday, they ruled that the model looked unhealthily underweight….so now, let me be devils advocate, what about a model on the other end of the spectrum…do you want to see a size 26, 280 pound model gracing the magazines that you buy?

Me, I want to see middle of the road, average sized women, wearing the clothes I want to wear…women who are size 12 to 18…is that so wrong….so who do you want to see?

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