Published On June 22, 2015 | By Eve Morgan |
Benedryl is my hero…without it, I’d be living  life in a shrimp-free bubble….and BE ROCKING THE HIVED OUT LOOK, ALL THE TIME…….

And if you have a kid who has severe allergic reactions, this info applies to you….looks like one shot might not be enough…..A new study says just under 1 in 5 kids who have an anaphylactic reaction to an allergen could have a second reaction a few hours after the first.

Ottawa researchers poured over the records of close to 500 kids  treated for anaphylaxis there or at the Hospital for Sick Children and they think doctors and parents need to keep an eye out for a type of two-stage, or biphasic anaphylactic, reaction in kids aged six to nine and in those who needed more than one dose of epinephrine to manage the reaction. Scary stuff, but just knowing this could change what could be a very bad outcome.

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