Mixed Emotions…

Published On May 1, 2015 | By Eve Morgan |

FINALLY! And it’s a decree that’s been LONG overdue; it took tragedy to fuel it to happen…..
Ryan’s Law….New Ontario legislation that allows asthmatic kids keep their inhalers with them at all times while in school.
This is a big deal…it all happened after the 2012 death of 12-year-old Ryan Gibbons, after having an asthma attack during recess.
His school, just southeast of London, wouldn’t allow him to keep his puffer with him, even after permission by his mother and a doctor’s note. If he was caught with it, it would be taken away.
And now, it’s law…it can’t bring back Ryan, but the president and C-E-O of the Asthma Society of Canada says Ontario is propbably the first province to put this kind of law in place.
I’m happy that the law is in place, but I can’t help but feel extreme sadness for the unnesessary loss of this 12 year old child.
The law is a triumph, while we hold back the tears. Thank you Ryan for your life. You made a difference.

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