Why You Should  Take Yourself On A Date!

Published On April 21, 2015 | By Eve Morgan |

So have you ever taken yourself out on a date? If you haven’t you don’t know what you’re missing out on……

and ultimately it will be the perfect date for you! Experts say we should take ourselves out on a date  to maintain our own personal happiness….if you’re happy on your own, more than likely you’ll have lots of love to share with a spouse, family & friends….So some date ideas:
1. Have a marathon pampering session for no reason. Make your core feel beautiful…batb bombs, candles, bubbles…whatever it is that’s going to make you happy….

2. Take yourself to a museum, then the park. The warmer weather is coming—fresh air and a walk in the sun is amazing medicine…

Last of all —3. Go on a mini road trip. This is a great way to  step a tad outside of your comfort zone….
So what about you? Have you ever taken yourself out on a date and where or what was it?

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