Published On April 22, 2015 | By Eve Morgan |
What’s an Emojii…well if you’re asking yourself that office people, moms & dads, just wait till you find out what they are….

…and you’ll be happy to know you can attach them to every text you send to that sweet teenager of yours!!! Emojiis are thos little pics you can add to your email or texts via iphone to add a l;ittle flare…you can even add them to contact info in your contacts list…like my friend Nancy since she is working towards being a sommelier, I have a little wine icon/emojii by her name…my husband I have a crown…my oldest a tiara, my son a goalie stick and a chef hat and the youngest katniss boots…and a new report says Canadians like to add a little spice to their textspeak with both suggestive — and SMELLY– picture icons.
SwiftKey, looked at how its users doled out emojis to their contacts in their messages over a four-month period, for Google Android and Apple iOS users in 16 different languages.

And it  looks liek the honor is ours my friends…Canadians were in the top spot for using the not-so-subtle poop emoji.

And our use of emojis that could be considered raunchy or sexy was double the overall average.

Funny how I’m not surprised…dirty  dirty dirty…..

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