Published On April 9, 2015 | By Eve Morgan |

I should have known it was going to be one of those days….

I forgot my cell phone today…on the day I can leasat afford to forget it because I have a gazillion and one things to do and get to today….

How did I know it was going to be an extra special kind of messed up day…..well it started off with me, while loading the dishwasher so I wouldn’t face dirty dishes when I get home near 8 tonight, being stabbed by a flying steak knife…yup, you heard me right…and how a flying objeck with out a brain can have such perfect aim and land IN my baby toe is beyond me…but it did but yay me, I didn’t curse in front of the kids…

ANd hey, I say yay me, but it was probably the shock of what had just happened that vaped all words from my vocabulary…so the word of the day is THROBBING!!!!

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