Running Out Of Room?

Published On March 30, 2015 | By Eve Morgan |

A lot of us get traffic reports from local radio stations or on TV.  But imagine if….

…you had friends on the streets where you were going, giving you up-to-the minute reports on everything from road closures &  traffic,  to potholes or the cheapest place to fill up on gas tank?There’s an  app for that called Waze.

Experts say having it is like having a team of road & travel scouts constantly working  for you to keep you out of traffic snarls and out of the repair shop getting your suspension fixed or tires realigned AGAIN after springs brutal road craters.

People with the app update road conditions through it, so you’ll know if the problem you heard about on the news still exists by time you’re headed in that direction. Plus when the app is linked with Facebook, it can let you know when friends are driving in the same area you are…

You can get Waze at the Apple app store, Google Play and the Windows Phone Store….sounds perfect, but almost too perfect for me…it could be one of those  things to reel us in for free and then when we’re hooked, start charging through the nose for it……

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