How Being The First Born Makes You A Better Person…..

Published On March 18, 2015 | By Eve Morgan |

Don’t shoot the messenger but here are the 6 Ways Being The First Born Makes You A Better Person From POSITIVE MED….

The Oldest child is more disciplined—as study published in the Economical Journal writes first-born children have a harder time growing up because parents want that all around perfdect kid, with the best manners and the best behavior!
Oldest children are more responsible; they’ve helped with thecare of their younger siblings and parents and other sibling grow to depend on them…PRESSURE!
Chances are the Eldest Child has a Higher IQ; I look at our first and all the books we bought to read to her…we read to her more than once a day…she spoke in sentences at age 1 and I ws not at all surprised!
They are special!
That first baby holds a special place in the parents’ hearts. It’s proof their love and a little bit mom and a little bit dad.
People Look Up To Them; They are role models to their younger siblings and pretty much set the family standard.
And at the end of it all, that First born has a better education than the ones that follow! The first one that gets to use the Post Secondary stash of money, tends to use more of it…so less left over ofr the younger ones…
SO…does this apply to your family & if it does, with the facts all laid outin black & white, will this change anything?


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