Happy? Maybe You Need To MOVE!!!!!

Published On March 23, 2015 | By Eve Morgan |

The United States ranked up there at number 25, The UK tied for 43rd with six other counties, receiving a score of 75 & we here in Canada?????? The Gallup study talked to adults in 143 countries and asked them if they feel well-rested? Did you feel respected all day? Did you smile or laugh a lot? Did you learn something or do something interesting? and Did you feel enjoyment?
Turns out we’re doing okay…..Over 70% of people throughout the world said they experienced smiles & laughter, rest, enjoyment & respect the day before.
We were also asked about our experience of positive and negative emotions.
Break it all down and it’s Paraguay again! They claimed the top spot this year AND last year & in fact ALL of the top 10 countries with the highest Positive Experience Index scores are in Latin America.
SO I guess that answers where I’m booking for vacation next & who knows, I’ve got p-lenty of time to plan for retirement…might as well be where it’s sunny, hot and happy!!!!

FYI—Canada ranked 17th!
Find out more at : http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3005177/Do-live-one-world-s-happiest-countries-New-study-reveals-best-places-live.html#ixzz3VE9hmjbL

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