Eight ways to get your car ready for spring!

Published On March 26, 2015 | By Eve Morgan |

CAA has some good advice for us a s we welcome the new season; doing that annual spring car maintenance will definitely help improve your cars performance and lifespan.
SO here’s some tips to get you there:
Change your oil and keep your brake, coolant and windshield washer fluids topped up.
Go get an interior detail on your car to remove salt and sand that’s built up over winter. And make sure you clean out under the hood and wheel wells.
Road wear experts say, when the mercury hitd 7°C consistently, switch back to the all season tires & make sure you rotate them which prevents uneven wear on the tires.
Remeber all of the times this winter where your dash said to check the tiore pressure? That was from the extreme cold….SO after all that you’ll need to Check your tire pressure to make sure it’s back to normal.
Give your battery the once over—- Your battery’s terminal posts and cables should be cleaned every year.
Check your wiper blades and replace if they are worn or damaged.
Fix any small scratches caused by road salt or rocks with touch-up paint.
Get a 52-point inspection up at an Approved Service facility. And have fun on the road….

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